Girls Tennis, Girls Varsity Tennis · Copley Tennis takes 4th place at SL


The sunrise was shining on us, we were all optimistic and in fighting mode & ready to go!

1st round: Jillian Endres winning over Fatou M’Baye (Kent) 6/1 6/0

2nd round: losing against Madsion Pawlak (Highland)

3rd round: winning over Norah O’Callaghan (aurora) 7/6 6/2 for 3rd place overall


Shria Kavaturu winning her 1st round against Abby Jones (Kent) 6/4 6/1

2nd round, fighting hard against Sarah Sqambati (Highland) but looses 6/0 6/0

3rd round was defeated by Gracie Milano (Aurora)

The rest of the team:

Megan McClaren

Emma Beck & Natalia DiRocco win their 1st win at SL

Emily Nichol & Maddie Lewis

The team taking 4th place overall

They all left it on the courts, it was Great to watch!!